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Take steps to make your hiring processes as straightforward as possible. All employees must provide an I-9 form to verify their identity; the team at SSC Security Services can simplify the process of collecting and sorting these forms with cloud-based electronic I-9 forms that meet compliance requirements.


About I-9 Forms

Employers use I-9 Forms to verify the identity and employment authorization of anyone hired for employment in the United States – including citizens and noncitizens. All employers must ensure completion of these forms for any individual hired. Employees must present acceptable documentation evidencing identity and employment authorization.

A Long-Term Partner

As a long-term partner in your security planning process, SSC Security Services can help your business to evolve with changing conditions without adding risk. Our comprehensive security solutions and proactive approach can lead to a reduction in overall security costs.



  • Cloud-based forms that meet compliance requirements
  • Simplified process of collecting & sorting I-9 forms


  • Easily collect and sort I-9 forms
  • Adapt to industry changes without added risk

Rely on SMG Corporate Services for Electronic I-9 Services

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