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International Requirements & Releases

DATE 6/28/2018

In response to the recent GDPR regulations (previously announced HERE) SSC has improved the international screening section of our client resources website. It is important to note that SSC will require the “Sample International Release Packet” to be completed with every international criminal search, international employment and/or international academic checks moving forward.

In addition to the Sample International Release Packet, some countries may require other items such as specific release forms, specific addresses, copies of passports, etc

This change is intended to assist our clients and their respective candidates with:

  • Quickly retrieve country specific instructions to conduct criminal searches
  • Instruction form with embedded links that contain the country specific releases (if required)

Instruction form provided is a candidate ready guide on how to securely upload the needed requirements directly to SSC for Criminal Searches in other countries. To view this change, visit our Client Resources Center and navigate down to the “International Requirements & Releases” section.

***The drop down system is for International Criminal Searches only***